Trend Alert: Beauty

August 31, 2018

Trend Alert: Beauty

With beauty products pouring endlessly from make-up brands, you can never anticipate which will set the next trend. However, some innovative and artistic creations have developed cult status with make-up users. We take a look at the current beauty trends taking the cosmetic world by storm.

Blackout activated charcoal  face masks

Activated charcoal has recently resurfaced as a trending beauty treatment for cleansing the face. However, instead of those peel-away masks which remove important oils and irritate the skin, try applying a rinse-off charcoal mask. The combination of activated charcoal and coconut holds a variety of natural ingredients and leaves your complexion with that trademark softness and shine without having to wrench a ‘Band-Aid mask’ off your face. While the activated charcoal draws out toxic chemicals from your pores, refreshing aloe vera and coconut oil rehydrates and restores your dry, damaged skin. 

shampoo barS

Organic and eco-friendly beauty brands are quickly becoming the popular choice for young people. Not only are certain products reducing pollution and preserving the environment, but going green is trendy! Cosmetics brands are breaking ground with sustainable products such as shampoo bars, which replace shampoo in plastic packaging with a naked form. Depending on the brand, shampoo bars come in a range of shapes and textures, with some looking like a familiar bar of soap and others taking on the shape of a flattened bath bomb. Made using detoxifying and enriching ingredients such as argan oil and Sicilian lemon oil, shampoo bars have all of the same benefits of ‘regular’ shampoo, they just allow you to wash your hair with more of an environmental conscience. 

Beauty blenders

The unique and award-winning product known as the beauty blender is wildly popular among lovers of all things make-up. Since its development in 2003, the beauty blender has amassed a global cult following and revolutionised the way we apply make-up. Once dampened with water, the sponge-like texture of the blender allows for a flawless and smooth application and doesn’t absorb excessive product. Also, the egg shape makes it multipurpose, with a wide curve for large surfaces and a tapered tip to reach nooks and crannies. As long as you wash it after use, the blender can last up to three months and is shielded from 99.9 per cent of germs. It wouldn’t do you harm to climb aboard this bandwagon!

24K active gold face masks

A surprising new craze that has popped up in the gift bags of Oscar winners, and now in Australia, is the use of face masks containing gold – yes that’s right! The healthy cosmetic properties of the valuable metal are still quite unknown, but it has been shown to decontaminate the skin and reduce inflammation. 24K Goddess is a Sunshine Coast company embracing this trend by creating the active gold face mask, which holds 24 carat gold as well as natural ingredients such as plant collagen and vitamin A. These elements fuse together to rehydrate, revive and relax the skin around the eyes and leave behind an animated glow.  

Water-based foundation

Water-based foundation has been a well-loved and effective base since the end of World War II, due to a less coagulated and more natural skin coverage. However, the release of innovative liquid foundation has renewed its popularity and value and brought it into the 21st Century. The benefit of using water-based foundation is that it obscures flaws without the slimy oil texture of thicker bases and hydrates and soothes the skin. 

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1. Lush Jason and the argan oil shampoo bar, RRP $14.95, available at Lush stores and

2. 24k Goddess Active Gold Masks, RRP $7.95 each, available at

3. Sephora beauty blender, RRP $20, available at Sephora stores and

4. MAC Studio Watertight SPF 30 Foundation, RRP $58, available at MAC stores and

5. Blackout activated charcoal + coconut face mask, (as pictured on opposite page) RRP $15, available at

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