Allan and Barbara Pease turn the page on their new book and share what it’s like to open their home for VIP weekends – helping their varied guests discover new and better lives. A resort-style home sprawling across 65 acres, under a rainforest canopy, complete with pristine lakes and uninterrupted views of the Sunshine Coast – this peaceful haven is where you’ll find Allan and Barbara Pease and their two youngest children.  Moving from the hustle and bustle of Sydney and building their Buderim home 20 years ago, the pair have been unstoppable – and unflappable – in rising above financial and health challenges to create an international publishing, public speaking and niche self-help empire.  They are today a world-renowned power couple, yet they remain humble, joyful and true to their work of unlocking the potential in the lives of everyday Australians. Allan is a successful body language expert, and his wife, Barbara, is a number one bestselling author. Together they have 18 bestselling books, 11 of those reaching the coveted number one. But while their books sell strongly in more than 100 countries, the couple has also captured hearts and developed an overwhelming personal following with their humorous and witty seminars on body language and relationships.  [caption id="attachment_18058" align="alignright" width="550"]Allan Pease Allan Pease[/caption] This year, Pease International is continuing its growth by holding seminars in India, Russia and Japan, and has a few more books in the pipeline. Due to demand, they’re also ramping up their VIP weekends here on the Sunshine Coast, guiding attendees by sharing their valuable and unique expertise, one-on-one.   “We don’t have to live here in Australia; we could live anywhere in the world, but Buderim is the healthiest place to be,” says Barbara.  And, it turns out, it’s also the ultimate place for people to discover what they want from life and how to make it happen, which is what the Pease’s VIP weekends are all about.  “This is a learning environment,” says Barbara. “There’s no smog, there’s no cars, there’s no distractions; there’s animals and kangaroos. Our VIP Weekends are purposefully relaxed so that people feel like they can open up and talk about their struggles.”  The couple first opened their home to the public for VIP weekends two years ago. Since then, the demand has grown greater than ever, proving that more personal development workshops were needed. They are now hosting workshops under the titles: The Answer, Hot Button Selling and Powerful Relationships.  The Answer is based on the Pease’s new book, which helps to change attitudes and lives.  “The Answer helps people start the rest of their lives on the track they really need to be on,” says Allan.  Allan and Barbara are open and transparent, sharing their experiences in an intimate, private group of up to 30 people. They ask, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ a simple phrase that still stumps people in their 20s, 40s and even their 60s. Allan says those who attend their exclusive weekends come from all walks of life. “They are looking for something,” he explains. “They are standing at a crossroads and saying, ‘Where the hell do I go now?’” The sessions help answer those dilemmas. They are based on scientific research, teaching people about the brain’s ability to drive success, and to decide what they want in life and how to achieve it.  “On the first day, if they think they know what they want, we teach them how to ‘crystallise’ it so they are driven forward,” says Allan.  “If they don’t know, we ask what is the one thing they love and would do for free? If you can identify that, and turn it into a career, then you will never work again. “Many of my clients say, ‘I just like talking’, well, so does Oprah Winfrey, and she’s worth $6 billion dollars, and she just talks, talks and talks.” Barbara also noticed during the weekends that many participants lacked body language skills. So, Hot Button Selling was created in response to that need. They now include personalised workshops within each VIP Weekend.  “The other thing we are finding interesting is that we have a lot of young people who are very successful – including pilots, nurses, doctors – who belong to a new generation where everybody texts,” Barbara explains.  [caption id="attachment_18059" align="alignright" width="550"]Barbara Pease Barbara Pease[/caption] “They say, ‘I’m really great at texting, but face to face what do I do?’  We teach them how to use use body language to connect and make great impressions.” Through this, the Peases also developed their third weekend, Powerful Relationships, which, as the name suggests, focuses on how to manage the opposite sex in work and life. Watching the pair interact, it’s evident their passion hasn’t faded after working together as a married couple, business partners and lovers, for 30 years. I could not help but wonder how they manage to do it?  “Personal communication is huge for us, and having clearly defined roles in business is key,” says Barbara. “We share this with our VIPs in an open, non-judgemental environment.”  It’s through this transparency that people who come to their seminars, read their books and have their questions answered on VIP weekends, feel a comfortable connection to the Peases.  Their determination and resilience is clear and polished, a direct result of ‘having it all’ but then losing it. After a series of financial challenges, with Barbara aged 34 and Allan, 45, the pair were broke – but they didn’t give up. 

“We both came from housing commission, so we didn’t grow up with a silver spoon, we know what it’s like to be raised in an environment of scarcity,” explains Allan. 
“We have lost everything in circumstances which were almost impossible to recover from. But we started with nothing, so going back to nothing wasn’t a new experience. We got to a point where all we had was each other.”   Sitting comfortably together today, Allan and Barbara say they owe their success to perseverance and setting goals; skills that they’ve honed over time and now teach to others. On the road back to success they focused their attention on their business, pouring time and energy into their bestselling books, and adapting during a time when delivering keynote seminars was diversifying.  Sharing their life experiences, they are helping to shape others and are dramatically changing lives for the better. As VIP Weekend attendees Julie and Laurens Konings said, “We came away from the weekend with a decision in our head to move to France – where our heart is. We had to sell items to get our first $1000 to put into our multi-million dollar account. We really don’t know how this is going to happen, but it will!” they wrote to Allan and Barbara. “Months later we received photos from France,” says Barbara. “They did it!” According to the Peases, that’s because, “If you can think of it, you can do it, because if you couldn’t do it, you wouldn’t be able to think of it,” laughs Allan.
“Everything and anything is possible, because we do a lot of impossible things, plus the odd miracle.” 
While the formula for success is different for everyone, Allan and Barbara continue to climb to the top of the world, and they’re helping boost the lives of others along the way. 

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