Q How do I fall back in love with travelling when it is part of my job? Blending your personal and business travel can be a challenge, especially when you travel a lot for work and don’t have the down time to truly explore and switch off. Last year I spent more time in the Virgin Australia lounge than my own! Here are five tips to fall back love with travel when you’re working:

1. Run your body like your business

Try to keep it simple within your week or look to do something fun in a new city. Integrate your wellbeing as you would on any busy day back at home. Even 15 minutes of fresh air can make the world of difference for your overall mental and physical wellbeing. I like to call these, express sessions – consistency is the key.

2. Use plane time as downtime – not just squeezing in extra work

One of the simple pleasures of flying is that you are 30,000 feet up in the air and offline. Stop telling yourself to get that last bit of work done on the plane, instead, use the time to listen to music, meditate or watch a movie and switch off. You could even enjoy a digital detox and read a book.

3. Exercise while exploring the city

Even if it is ‘to go’, find the best coffee first thing in the morning – look around and go discover the city by foot.

4. Find accommodation you actually enjoy

Not all travel budgets allow for five-star hotels, but there are many boutique options and chains that now offer great perks, uniquely designed rooms and fun places to stay. Make an effort to search those out.

5. Combine client meetings with the hot spots to eat and entertain

We can’t always control our work environment, but if you can, find the best restaurants and cool spots and combine this with your client meetings – including amazing work spaces with the best views or resources – you’ll find a whole new world of options exist. Whether you work for yourself, only get one holiday a year or are sent on business trips – fall back in love with the art of travel. thevitalitycoach.com.au]]>