Through the stars

Thursday, 26 July

Through the stars

Artists’ @MCRT.Studio will launch THROUGH THE STARS a 33 piece portraiture collection at White Canvas, Newstead. The Art Studio has collaborated with Brisbane’s Pioneering Antique Centre, Empire Revival formerly known as The Paddington Antique Centre, to curate an euphoric and cosmic exhibition.

THROUGH THE STARS aims to celebrate life’s authentic relationships by visually portraying the fault in our perception of digital relationships with celebrity figures. The artworks spotlight the developments in digital, social and reality media, which have created a direct channel for users to engage with celebrity personas. The collection aims to highlight the affinity felt towards these ‘stars’ as a skewed perception of relationships. @MCRT.Studio reflects the distance to these human ‘stars’ by implementing the use of texture sampling inspired by NASA satellite imagery of distant luminaries in their work.

“Humanity has always been fascinated with looking at the endless beauty of stars. We now possess the technology to see them closer than ever before – from the intricate patterns of swirling storms of Jupiter to the life-giving nuclear fusion reactions of our Sun. Seeing them through telescopes, however, does not physically bring us closer to them. The same semblance is found regarding celebrities. Feeling proximity through engaging with them on-screen does not physically bring us into their vicinity, and emotionally relating to them does not psychologically deliver us to the person portrayed.” – @MCRT.Studio

THROUGH THE STARS adopts faux-bois and trompe-l’œil techniques of the old masters, while implementing impressions from the post-war British Figurativism movement to create its’ pieces. Working with oil and enamel paints, gold and silver leafs, as well as photography and glass sculptures @MCRT.Studio desires to deliver the powerful beauty of the Universe to the buyers’ own environment.

The art will be complemented by furniture and accessories sourced and curated by merchants from Empire Revival, a retail collective housed in the old Plaza Theatre in Paddington. There are 50 different merchants specialising in a range of antique, vintage and select contemporary furniture, homewares, jewellery and clothing. Owner Suzy Baines is delighted to have the opportunity to work with the artists at @MCRT.Studio and states “This is exactly the type of collaborative activity we are looking to be involved in.”

THROUGH THE STARS opens its’ doors on Thursday July 26, 2018 at 6pm for celebratory drinks and music. Beer will be sponsored by Young Henrys and Prosecco will be provided by De Bortoli Wines. The exhibition will run from July 27, 2018 to August 8, 2018 between 9am and 6pm at White Canvas, 6 Byres St, Newstead 4006. Private viewing will also be available upon request. All artworks and furniture will be for sale.

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