• Leather jacket

  • Be it in a fitted style that makes you want to stroke your buttery-soft sleeves all day long or a boxy, biker cut that emulates the tomboyishness of your youth, a quality leather jacket is an investment well worth making. Throw it on over the top of a floral, floaty dress to balance out the femininity or pair it with, well, pretty much everything else in your closet. Leather
    1. Trench

    Speaking of investments, a trench coat is one item you won’t regret spending your hard-earned dollars on. Lightweight and classic in a neutral shade ensures that this hard-working wardrobe warrior stands the test of time and that its cost-per-wear is down to single digits before you know it. Trench
    1. Cape

    Don’t underestimate the transformative power of this sartorial superhero – a chic cape is just as at home with a turtleneck and jeans as it is with a sleek pencil skirt and silk blouse. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, try it for a winter formal affair, by pairing it with a fitted floor-length dress and the most bedazzling chandelier earrings you can find. Cape
    1. Sleeveless

    Hanging quietly on the back of the racks for the last few seasons, the sleeveless coat has now been elevated to fashion’s newest must-have item, after we realised that almost every basic top and pants or skirt combination looks better with one. Some of us Profilers are notorious for owning numerous variations of this contemporary essential – black, white, grey, khaki, chambray denim, the list goes on… Sleeveless
    1. Overcoat

    Living on the Sunshine Coast means a heavyweight blanket coat is usually excessive, given that we struggle to get below 10 degrees on a standard winter’s day. Opt for a cotton/wool blend in a lengthy, masculine cut that will keep you warm when required but offer lighter coverage (and major style credibility) when casually draped over the shoulders. Overcoat]]>