You Know Your Brand of Fragrance … Can You Say The Same For Your Anti Wrinkle Injections?

August 1, 2019

You Know Your Brand of Fragrance … Can You Say The Same For Your Anti Wrinkle Injections?


You know the brand of fragrance you wear … can you same the same for your Anti Wrinkle Injections?


GUEST EDITOR Beverley Henderson

I’m pretty sure you know the brand of fragrance or the cosmetic products you apply to your skin, but If you have treatments of anti-wrinkle injections to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles do you know the brand of product injected for your treatment?

Often the name Botox is tossed around flippantly as a general term when referring to anti-wrinkle injections, however this is the brand name for one of three products approved by Therapeutic Goods Australia (TGA). The general assumption is that all three brands are equal … they are not!


Whilst all three are obtained from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum there are some distinct differences between the three brands in the formula, dilution ratio and diffusion. As classified scheduled medications, Australian law prohibits the use of naming the brand for advertising purposes hence the use of terms such as ‘anti wrinkle injections’ or ‘muscle relaxants’.

Non compliance with The Therapeutic Goods Act carries a substantial financial penalty, but more importantly to you the consumer should indicate a lack of professional ethics and integrity. Is this a business you would trust for a medical treatment?


Whilst this legislation is in place to protect consumers, in some regard it creates a navigational challenge as when you see advertising for anti wrinkle injectable treatments you don’t actually know which product is being promoted. In Australia the cost of product is usually charged per unit, this can be misleading as the products are not equal in their dose equivalence. For example, one clinic may charge $5 per unit and another clinic $15 per unit.

Effective marketing may make this appealing as you think you are receiving a great price but think twice ladies … the ratio of product is not the same. Recent clinical studies report the ratio for dose equivalence to be 4:1 to have the same therapeutic effect.


The mechanism of action for all products is to temporarily alter the nerve impulses of targeted facial muscles, reducing contraction induced wrinkle formation. At Mediderm the product of choice in our clinical practice is the brand manufactured by Allergan, the worlds leading toxin brand.

The reason being is the extensive research and clinical study to back the product. It has been used in clinical practice for over 30 years with 100million vials distributed to more than 89 countries for aesthetic use.


Don’t be fooled by cheap pricing, the overall cost to achieve the same result will be similar. Chose an established, experienced practice operating in a permanently set up clinical environment who consult, listen, educate and care. Get a discount on your fashion but not your face.


Mediderm Medical Aesthetics

Beverley is a Registered Cosmetic Nurse with an exclusive combination of two Health Science degrees specializing in Dermal Science & Anti Ageing Medicine. Merging such extensive knowledge enables Beverley to take a holistic, total face approach to conducting facial assessments to achieve natural results that will help you to be the best version of you. Beverley is well respected for her honesty & integrity which has build many close trusting relationships with her loyal clientele. Unequivocally immersed in the medical aesthetic industry Beverley frequently attends conferences & advanced master classes which is evident in her extensive knowledge & professional practice.

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