Ultimate Speaking Workshop

Thursday, 03 October

Ultimate Speaking Workshop


The lights flash on.

Your heart starts racing – 10% nerves, 90% anticipation.

Your name is called. You step up to the microphone like a boss.

You place your notes. Your hands are steady.

You take in the crowd and smile.


It wouldn’t matter if there were a hundred eyes on you, or just two.

You know your content. You know exactly what to do if you stumble.

Your message is bundled with your desire to influence, change, and create impact and you’re so ready to share it with the world.

You’ve got this.

You swallow, take a deep breath, your lips part, and you begin.

This is your moment.


Join me for the 2-hour Ultimate Speaking workshop: From pitching your company to presenting to the board, make your spotlight moments matter.


Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or the CEO of a large organisation, this interactive workshop is for you if you’re ready to:

  • Secure your next promotion
  • Inspire and empower your audience
  • Move up another rung on the corporate ladder
  • Grow your reach and your business
  • Negotiate more fruitful sales or salary deals
  • Manage staff from a space of objectivity and abundance
  • Respond to challenges with grace and insight
  • Have more freedom and flexibility – in business and in life
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