Have your cake and eat it too

April 17, 2019

Have your cake and eat it too

It’s hard to ignore the growing anti-sugar movement, with guilt-free raw treats becoming a ‘sweeter’ alternative. Founder of Rawr on the Sunshine Coast, Jasmin Smith, shares her raw journey to scrumptious slices and how you can have your cake and eat it too.

Everything Jasmin Smith has ever done has revolved around creativity and passion.

“All my businesses have grown from an interest or hobby,” she says with a laugh.

Jasmin Smith - One Block Back

Over the years,Jasmin has dabbled in photography, studying and working as a beautician and even an established model.

“I got to the point where I was living off modelling and Instagram. I loved it as I am creative but in the industry it kind of went down hill. My agency pulled me in and said I needed to lose more weight, I was around 56 kg and I was around 6ft tall. I didn’t think I could drop any more weight, I am not naturally a stick,” explains Jasmin.

“I decided not to model, I started not caring, I became really tough and decided to do what feels good for me… I became a vegan.”

This was the catalyst for Jasmin to start making desserts that catered for celiacs and vegans.

“I love desserts and sweets. I grew up baking with my nanna and I was always in the kitchen licking the spoon,” she says laughing. “I am a sucker for sweets!”

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