The Curated Plate Festival 2019

February 7, 2019

The Curated Plate Festival 2019

It’s no surprise the Sunshine Coast region is one of the favourites among foodies, and it’s for this reason we introduce you to a new four-day destination food festival, the Curated Plate, coming to us in August.

Every chef of excellence knows just how important a great producer is, especially one who can provide them with responsibly-sourced quality produce. The Curated Plate, a new four-day destination food festival will see that relationship celebration in a delicious display.

Zaiyu Hasegawa
Zaiyu Hasegawa

From 8 August to 11 August, the Sunshine Coast will host exclusive culinary events, bringing together the region’s finest native ingredients, courtesy of the Sunshine Coast’s incredibly rich and beautiful volcanic land, with the best chefs in the Australian and international dining scene.

The Sunshine Coast’s acclaimed produce and producers, sustainable practices, artisan culture, and health and wellness will form key themes of the festival, with local experiences – from food trails to farm tours – also featuring in the program.

The full festival program of events and talent line-up will be revealed in March, but a tasty sneak peak reveals Tokyo’s Zaiyu Hasegawa, will join the festival in a special collaboration with Sunshine Coast chef Daniel Jarrett for a unique, five-course dinner.

“The menu will be on the hero ingredients; seafood from Walkers Seafood, seasonal-only local fruits and vegetables, as well as poultry and meat. We are covering land and sea, and trying to keep it all hyper-local,” says Daniel.

Zaiyu, a Tokyo-born chef, created a culinary buzz with his two Michelin-starred restaurant Jimbocho Den, giving Japanese fine dining a quirky, playful and highly skilful name.

He says his inspiration in Japanese cuisine and fine dining started at a young age, watching his Geisha mother entertain customers in a traditional high-end Japanese restaurant. However, Zaiyu moved away from the traditional Japanese degustation, kaiseki, forming his own style, and his unique interpretation to ‘talk’ to his diners through his cooking, which has evolved into an edible fun-filled mimicry contrary to the high art of kaiseki.

Since opening Jimocho Den in 2007, Zaiyu has received two Michelin Stars, and in 2018, was named Best Restaurant in Japan, won second place in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants and ranked number 14 on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list.

Meanwhile, classically-trained Sunshine Coast chef Daniel Jarrett is also highly acclaimed, having won a host of awards during his 18 years in the kitchen, including one Chef Hat in the 2018 Australian Good Food Guide awards.

Daniel Jarrett
Daniel Jarrett

Daniel says he was only introduced to Asian cooking when he joined The Tamarind in Maleny, but he quickly and intuitively took to it, and he has been self-taught ever since. 

Visit Sunshine Coast CEO Simon Latchford has proudly declared the Sunshine Coast as one of Australia’s premier regions for quality produce, with more than 740 restaurants, 400 food tourism experiences, six dining precincts, 13 new craft breweries and some of the best farmers markets in the country.

Not to mention we provide much of Queensland’s fish, seafood, fruit, vegetables and poultry exports.

“While our beaches and year-round attractive climate might be the primary reasons for visitors choosing the Sunshine Coast for their holiday, the fact that we can deliver such high-quality food from paddock to plate is becoming an increasingly significant attraction for discerning travellers,” he says. 

One of Daniel's dishes
One of Daniel’s dishes

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