Dissonant rhythms

February 1, 2019

Dissonant rhythms

A vivid display of sustainable art, crafted by artist and musician Ross Manning fills Caloundra Art Gallery. The Brisbane-based artist is renowned for using everyday materials to create an interesting compilation of light and sound, producing Dissonant Rhythms. 

In a dark room is where Ross Manning’s work comes to life. Scintillating interplays of light bounce from wall to wall where his two passions, repurposed materials and music, fuse together for the national tour of Dissonant Rhythms. 

“The institute of Modern Art invited me to put together a show which oversees the last 10 years of my practice,” says Ross. 

Ross Manning
by Ross Manning

The exhibition at Caloundra Art Gallery features sculptures made out of recycled ceiling fans, fluorescent tubes, lights and overhead projectors, trapping art enthusiasts in a mesmerising display of light and sound. 

“The title Dissonant Rhythms has this overarching theme throughout the show where everything is turning or having its own enclosed system of loops or isolation and that is either visual or sonic,” he says. 

Within the show there are six works, with the earliest dating back to 2009. While his ‘Wave Opus’ series is the relentless work spanning 15 years. The series uses a variety of percussive objects which are self-playing, making for great encounters with guests. 

“The core of that piece is the two motors have a rope attached and as the motors spin it creates a wave form in the rope,” explains Ross. 

“Each work has its own system of energy and they all operate within their own logic in a way, without a human present. So it’s relying on the physicality of the object, balanced or levered or spinning or projecting colour.”

Other artwork to look out for is ‘Spectra’ which has been described to create a ‘sonic luminous landscape’. Ross combines mechanical movements with gravity, friction and sometimes a little bit of luck to create these incredible sculptures.  

“Spectra is something I have been working on since 2012. The work is a suspended series of beams. At one end is a fan and at the other end is a fluorescent tube with a different colour,” says Ross.

“The fans spin and oscillate, they send each beam into orbit. As the coloured light moves in the space they mix together in different ratios and when that colour mixes you can see it on the gallery walls.” 

The internationally acclaimed artist has featured his work around the globe, starting by unveiling a major new commision in Sydney before presenting work in Shanghai in 2016. He’s also featured in the Museum of Contemporary Art Primavera in 2009. But this is the artists’ first survey exhibition, which debuted at the International Museum of Art. 

His work has been described by many as ‘his own world animated by light and sound’, and that’s exactly what he’s created over the last decade. 

Dissonant Rhythms will travel to 10 locations across Australia until 2020, making a stop this month at the Caloundra Regional Gallery before moving onto Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery in Victoria on 10 May. 

Date: 9 February to 31 March 2019
Where: Caloundra Regional Gallery

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