Sometimes you’re just not feeling your wardrobe. If you find yourself stuck in such a fashion rut though, you can actually have a lot of fun looking to film and television for some inspiration. There are always stylish characters popping up in one project or another, and below we’re taking a look at how to dress like some of this year’s most fashionable TV and film figures.


Despite what her name implies, Fleabag is quite put together. (At least in terms of style – her personal life is a whole different story.) Fleabag’s wardrobe is sophisticated and effortlessly chic, and arguably her most iconic look – a SilkFred black jumpsuit that was just a tad too sexy for a family dinner – is actually easy to find.

“Fleabag is slightly French, so there’s the idea that the French are quite chic and actually Fleabag is quite chic in her own way. We put a few striped tops in, and I did actually buy her berets, but they didn’t get on screen – we laughed about them,” explained the show’s costume designer Ray Holman to A Cup Of Jo. “We liked the idea of her trench coat and denim skirts. She knows what she likes, and she knows what looks good on her.”

Holman also revealed that Fleabag’s outfits are affordable. Many of her clothes can be found at Cos, Reformation, and Zara.

Schitt’s Creek

The Canadian sitcom, Schitt’s Creek, flew under the radar for a while, but is now getting more and more attention as one of the best and funniest shows running. And few who have seen it would disagree that the character of David Rose, played by Dan Levy, is quite stylish. While David’s outfit choices can be a little eccentric, there’s never anything “ew” about them, and all in all he’s become one of our most fashionable current characters.

To imitate the eldest Rose child’s androgynous, monochromatic wardrobe, you’ll need a few key pieces. For starters, be sure to purchase a fuzzy, black-and-white striped sweater, white sunglasses, and numerous silver rings.

Marriage Story

While Noah Baumbach’s upcoming film, Marriage Story will not be released until November, it’s already garnered quite a bit of buzz. It may not be a massive box office success, but it’s expected that as the U.S. bookies’ sites start to post award season odds in the coming weeks and months, this film will be one of the strongest contenders for Best Picture at the Oscars. That should call a lot of attention to a project that appears to be heartfelt, well-made… and stylish.

The wardrobe for Scarlett Johansson’s character, Nicole, can perhaps best be described as “hipster mom,” but in a lovely way. Her outfits, including vintage-inspired button-downs, floral dresses, high-waisted trousers, and cozy cardigans, manage to be both sensible and hip. If you want to dress like the divorcee, consider stopping by your nearest Madewell.

Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies Bonnie Carlson, played by the always-stylish Zoe Kravitz, is the epitome of boho chic. Before the trauma that occurs at the end of Season 1 (we won’t spoil this stirring HBO drama for you with specifics), the yoga teacher looked essentially like a Free People model. She rocked a red eyelet dress, turquoise necklaces, and gorgeous kimonos. During Season 2, however, everything she wore was intentionally muted and oversized.

“Bonnie’s departure from that sexy, drape-y, boho, earthy thing from season one is just because she’s really struggling, noted costume designer Alix Friedberg. “[Her look] becomes much more shapeless, colourless and thoughtless. In a way, it’s a prison uniform. It’s all that monochromatic, baggy sweats, baggy T-shirts, sweaters that are mildly comforting, but it’s all the stuff on the floor.”

While her wardrobe is meant as an indication of her worsening mental health, she is still undeniably fashionable.

Always Be My Maybe

Starring Keanu Reeves and Ali Wong, Always Be My Maybe has established itself as one of the best and most endearing Netflix original films to date. And the rom-com’s female lead, Sasha Tran (Wong) looks incredible whether she’s on the red carpet or walking down San Francisco streets. The celebrity chef’s best outfit in the film, though, consists of a Comme Des Garçons white T-shirt, white cropped jeans, and a red cardigan.

Take inspiration from these trendy, popular characters, and you’ll be out of your fashion funk in a flash!