Paramedical tattooing

October 1, 2018

Paramedical tattooing

Choosing to have a breast reconstruction following a mastectomy is a personal choice. There is no one size fits all. However, for those who do opt for a reconstruction, cosmetic tattooing of the nipple and areola is the final step of a long journey. 

By the time women come to see me they have gone through a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery, I then provide the service of repigmentation of the nipple and areola for them.  Using a specialised 3D technique, it’s possible to create incredibly realistic tattoos of the nipple and areola, and it really does look like the nipple protrudes. 

Because I am so passionate about providing this procedure to cancer survivors, I provide the nipple tattoo service free of charge in 2018.

Another service provided to my clients is eyebrow tattooing. Many clients find that after chemotherapy their brows never fully recover. Cosmetic tattooing creates the illusion of natural eyebrows and frames the face giving back expression and identify, afterall, you want to look and feel like yourself when you look in the mirror.

Debbie Magner Jones
tattoo health debbie

registered nurse and cosmetic tattoo artist
Embellish Permanent Cosmetic Artistry
Phone: 0424 341 174

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