Stuart Crossley: A new year; new shoes

February 8, 2019

Stuart Crossley: A new year; new shoes

New year, new shoes? 

Was your New Year’s resolution to run in the Bridge to Brisbane doomed before it began? Does your body break down every time you embark on a new bout of exercise? Or perhaps your feet, legs, hips or back have been niggling (warning signs) over the past few months? The new year is a great and common time to set new exercises and fitness goals and we want to help you achieve them.

Your feet are to your musculoskeletal system what the foundations are to a house. If your feet are maligned or functioning poorly it can create imbalances further up the body, much like cracks in a building. Our soft Sensokinetic orthotics use a combination of more traditional biomechanical principles, combined with proprioceptive stimulation to optimise foot function. This allows your foot to actually do more of the work at the correct timing of your gait cycle, rather than blocking the foot with a big chunky ‘arch support’. Along with footwear advice and specific exercises, we can help correct these imbalances and prevent injuries before they occur. 

Book in to see us today and get off on the right foot!

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Stuart Crossley
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