Gut health – or the lack of it – has been linked to many diseases: from depression & anxiety to fibromyalgia, allergies, obesity and even cancer.


Your gut is the epicentre of your physical and mental health.
The gut is not only the place where you absorb important nutrients such as vitamins, minerals & protein, which are the basic building blocks needed for our health, but 80% of your immunity also resides in your gut.
Your gut also houses approximately 100 trillion micro-organisms – called microbiome – which carry out many important jobs. Some of them are:

  • assist in food breakdown and help produce essential nutrients.
  • manage your moods by assisting with serotonin production – your happiness hormone.
  • help you with managing your weight.
  • enhance your immune system.
  • balance cholesterol levels.
  • And much more!


Here are 8 easy ways to look after your gut health:


1. Help your digestion by increasing gastric juice production:
Drink the juice of ½ lemon in a glass of water in the morning. Use a straw to protect your teeth.
Stop if you experience heartburn and talk to a natural health practitioner.

2. Drink a minimum of 2L of filtered water per day.
Water is essential for a healthy gut. Spice it up with fresh orange juice, ginger, a squeeze of lime, mint leaves, cucumber spears or sliced fruits.

3. Include lots of fibre food in your meals.
Fibre aids your digestion and can be found in vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, seeds or whole grains.
Make sure to include resistant starch (fermentable fibre) which keeps your good bacteria happy: green bananas, legumes, potatoes that have been cooked and cooled (potato salad gets the tick here), cashew nuts and cooled rice salads are all good sources.

4. Eat prebiotic-rich & fermented food to support your microbiome:
Prebiotic-rich food: garlic, onions, leeks, asparagus, globe artichokes, legumes, fresh beans, carrots, beetroot, sunflower & pumpkin seeds, brown rice.
Fermented food: Sauerkraut, kimchi, yoghurt, kefir, kombucha

5. Drink regularly bone broth or have it in a soup
The gelatine and amino acids within help heal your mucous membranes of your gut wall.

6. Minimise the following food:
Sugar, processed food, unhealthy fats, gluten.

7. Move your body
Walk your dog, ride your bike, exercise – chose whatever you enjoy. The movement will help your digestion eliminate food and help your gut flora.

8. Manage your stress – try deep breathing, herbal tea, meditation, herbal medicine
Stress does not only contribute to an imbalanced microflora and a leaky gut but also contributes to other diseases.

Billie Lerch
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Billie Lerch studied Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) and specialised in gut health. She encourages women to Live Like A Star by empowering them to feel & look great.

Billie’s personal experience with some health issues, her understanding of being a mother, business person and someone who has experienced different challenges helps her to support women in different life stages and help them thrive.