GUEST EDITOR: Ann Noler Harris

I know I am in charge of my life and it’s up to me to make it how I want it.

Every day I am fully responsible for my life and I know that I will be thrown curveballs and challenges but I know now that’s how I am going to grow and become a better person.

But when the curve balls keep coming, my mind and emotions can completely take over and I have to remember not to operate whilst under this spell. I have to remember not to allow my emotions to control me because they will use me and it’s up to me to not volunteer to be a Victim.

We all have so many options open to us now to get the support we need but first, we have to let go of the story we hold onto.

If you spend time talking to your friends over and over again about your problems (the story you’re holding onto). Stop … Because as Les Brown says 80% don’t care and 20% are happy it’s you having the problem and not them.

So here are some ideas to keep you moving…

“What can I do today to change one thing in my circumstances? Start small if needed, but start taking action because life rewards action takers!”

“Over the next few days write a list of all the ideas that come to you. Have fun and play with ideas because remember, anything is possible.”

“Do you need to get a part-time job or find another way to bring in some extra income so that you have more choices and can start saving for what you need? Having savings in the bank will give you the freedom to choose what you do.”

“Ask yourself, am I ready to move out from under the spell and re-invent my life or do I still want to be living this way next year or in 5 years or maybe even 10 years?”

“Get help! Having the right support is crucial so that when you are having a day of feeling anxious, alone or at the point of giving up you have people to reach out to who will pull you through.”

“Help someone else, as what you give is what you get back.”

Life is like a conveyor belt that brings many experiences to you, but remember if you are having a hard time everything is temporary and, if you take action, this too shall pass.

It’s time for you to use your unique skills to make the world a better place, but the problem is only a small percentage are willing to do the internal work that’s vital to being successful, happy and healthy.
Doing the internal work can sound scary but it’s easy when working with me because I can use the energy within you and around you to do this with you in a very gentle way. I had to do a lot of internal work on myself before my business really grew how I wanted it to and I’m so glad I did.
I love helping women just like you because I believe…

You deserve to be happy, healthy and successful and I can support you to bring clarity, focus and balance back into all areas of your life.

To speak with me in private about a particular issue click HERE and choose a time to suit you.

Ann Harris
The Feminine Alchemy

Ann Noler Harris is an International “Body Whisperer” and specialises in helping women entrepreneurs and coaches to remove the blocks that cause pain, stress and blocks in their success. She supports them to bring balance into all areas of their life.

As a Reiki Master, Advanced Metaphysical Anatomy Practitioner, Medical Intuitive and Certified Coach, Ann has mastered the ability to help you to get to the root cause, so you’re no longer held back in life.

Working with hundreds of women all over the world Ann has realised that unconscious blocks can stop you from living the life you deserve.